today, one of my friends and I decided to fuck our homework and our journalism work and take the metro to where ever we please (probably the best part about going to the university of maryland).
with only our purses filled with cellphones and my disposable camera, we set off for the metro station and decided to explore dupont circle. the best part was ascending up the ridiculous escalator in the metro station, not knowing what we were going to see when we got out (neither of us had ever been). we started the journey by buying krispy kreme donuts and documenting our adventures with my camera. our first stop was a bead store, then we discovered an amazing bookstore with a bar in the back and expressed our need to be real people so we can drink and read books. we went into a sex shop a la ghost world and giggled at the outfits and whips. we found a store called tabletops and i bought the indie rock coloring book and dreamed of decorating my own house. we talked about our favorite books as kids and the news and life in general, writing and our futures and everything. it was truly an excellent day and i felt renewed on the metro line home. this school may not be perfect for me, but i managed to find people who are like me and love me for it. i couldn't have asked for much more.

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