if you don't know, now you know

so for the very few followers of my blog, you all must know my infatuation with gaga. i think she is probably one of the greatest performers of our time, able to cross the more avant-garde and just general ridiculous into the mainstream. anyway, i had potentially been getting tickets off craigslist since one of my college friends is already going and i would be attending with another, but nothing really happened with that. in an act of sheer luck yesterday, i was able to obtain two tickets (for only $50!!) off craigslist (you win again). AKA...I AM ACTUALLY SEEING LADY GAGA AND HOLY MOTHER
OF PEARL I AM SO EXCITED. and i will be sitting here:
in that little box 13...aka really good seats. so therefore i can no longer complain about college park because this d.c. thing is a+. i'm also starting a book/music club with my palz and having a million career revelations at once! life.

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