inside of love

so even though i vowed to spend this summer updating my blog 24/7 and working on my journalistic skills to prepare for september, i've been completely lacking. so my goal this summer will to try and update everyday (mostly), starting tonight since i think i'm taking  a lazy night in. it's only been roughly a week and a half of summer and i think i need to step back and relax for a little while, spend some time finishing the sun also rises and watching vicky cristina barcelona and manhattan (woody allen fest?). anyway, tile later tonight...




"as they leaned together, panting, he put into her hand a bunch of violets, and she knew, quite as though she'd seen it done, that they were stolen. Summer that is shade and moss traced itself in the veins of the violet leaves, and she crushed the coolness against her cheek."

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had the familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."


"well, i fell in love"
"ah love, why cut yourself when you can be in love?"


you have stolen my heart

sometimes you're delirious as fuck and you laugh with your best friend about things that happened two years ago and you debate doing a 100 point assignment because summer is finally here and your night is made by getting an "i love you" goodnight text and this is silly i need to do my work but i feel delirious and crazy. i think it also just hit me that JUNE IS HERE. FOR REAL. i feel like summers stand out so much more than any other season, like me and dc say, summer may never actually be good but we always look back on it fondly. 

the sea and the rhythm

sometimes i want to slip away and disappear no matter how good my life is at the moment i just feel the need to forget, people make me feel vulnerable and that makes me uncomfortable.