allow me to re-introduce myself

a. lagy gaga was everything i could've imagined and more...more later.
b. why is jay-z SO FUCKING GOOD. besides the blue print 3, i just downloaded the black album and am obsessed. why was i so late on this?
c. i have more homework than i'd like to admit tonight..fack.


i knew i was content when i was actually distressed about leaving my friends for one weekend. this is my home now.


really awesome radio show

so, this may not be a big deal to the rest of the world but, I GOT MY OWN RADIO SHOW AT SCHOOL.
this all began on thursday when i trekked it over to south campus with my friend vicki to check out the WMUC open house. upon arriving to the small studio, I felt slightly intimidated but upon meeting a few people i realized that everyone there was friendly (with excellent music taste). I had to apply and interview first, but the interview consisted of questions about my favorite member of wu-tang and least favorite band. I fell in love with the studio and had been anxiously waiting to hear back to see if i got a show. today i found out that from 6-8 am on tuesday mornings i'll be working on the FM station (also streamed online!), which is really crazy since I'll be on an actually FM station in maryland. It's amazing that I have my own show but more importantly, these are the people i'd been looking for at maryland- crazy, obsessed with music, and interesting. i essentially did nothing else today but hang out with my friends on my floor and get food. but i couldn't be happier.


was i too idealistic?


yesterday i ran on forty minutes of sleep, saw the president speak to my school, applied for a radio show, danced at a sketchy bar, and had one of my most significant talks at college with one of my closest friends here.


+ gossip girl is back on
+ thrifting tomorrow
+ obama at UMD on thursday!!!!!! (so so so incredibly excited)
+ potentially getting tickets to mgmt on friday and seeing wale
+ dan deacon on saturday
+ 11 days til vermont
+ lady gaga in two weeks

sometimes a song restores my entire faith in humanity and right now it is this one:

enjoy world!



today, one of my friends and I decided to fuck our homework and our journalism work and take the metro to where ever we please (probably the best part about going to the university of maryland).
with only our purses filled with cellphones and my disposable camera, we set off for the metro station and decided to explore dupont circle. the best part was ascending up the ridiculous escalator in the metro station, not knowing what we were going to see when we got out (neither of us had ever been). we started the journey by buying krispy kreme donuts and documenting our adventures with my camera. our first stop was a bead store, then we discovered an amazing bookstore with a bar in the back and expressed our need to be real people so we can drink and read books. we went into a sex shop a la ghost world and giggled at the outfits and whips. we found a store called tabletops and i bought the indie rock coloring book and dreamed of decorating my own house. we talked about our favorite books as kids and the news and life in general, writing and our futures and everything. it was truly an excellent day and i felt renewed on the metro line home. this school may not be perfect for me, but i managed to find people who are like me and love me for it. i couldn't have asked for much more.


so...when am i going to be content?


if you don't know, now you know

so for the very few followers of my blog, you all must know my infatuation with gaga. i think she is probably one of the greatest performers of our time, able to cross the more avant-garde and just general ridiculous into the mainstream. anyway, i had potentially been getting tickets off craigslist since one of my college friends is already going and i would be attending with another, but nothing really happened with that. in an act of sheer luck yesterday, i was able to obtain two tickets (for only $50!!) off craigslist (you win again). AKA...I AM ACTUALLY SEEING LADY GAGA AND HOLY MOTHER
OF PEARL I AM SO EXCITED. and i will be sitting here:
in that little box 13...aka really good seats. so therefore i can no longer complain about college park because this d.c. thing is a+. i'm also starting a book/music club with my palz and having a million career revelations at once! life.


i just want to trek it the fuck across america this summer.

inspiration pt 2

that is it for this week, my cramps are killing me and my whole school is infected by...THE SWINE.
anyway, college is getting increasingly better, and i'm especially enjoying my history of popular music class. we get to spend the class learning about musicians starting during the 1940s, and how technology has progressed since then as far as recording and instruments go. this past week we learned about Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, and other blues artists of the 40s and 50s. I had never really been one for blues but it was clear where rock and roll got its influence, so i actually thoroughly enjoyed the music. i have it tomorrow so i hopefully i have things to add to this blog about it. also, i recently went to my school's newspaper meeting. while i was originally excited to get a jump start on my journalism career, i found the meeting kind of...bland. i guess i'm not cut out for writing about the new bus line or the first look fair, none of that just seems to interest me. i think i'll still do diversions (the arts section), since i applied for a fashion column, which i most likely won't get but it was fun trying. i gave an overview of other fashion publications besides vogue and elle, focusing on interview, nylon, pop, and dazed and confused (i could do more but it had to be short). while researching them, it made me realize THAT is what i want to do most- express my own creativity on my own terms. so tentatively, a close friend here and I are starting our own magazine, writing about what we want. This may be a ridiculous idea that never comes to fruition but i'm tired of having ideas and never acting on them, i'm growing up now and it's time to DO something. anyway, time to study more grammar...


my life can be kind of fucked up and good and i can be happy and sad and torn up about home and college but i started writing again and i want to cry...i couldn't be happier. this is who i am.


i'm still not sure if this is the perfect place for me, but everyday it gets better.