forever heavy

so 2nd week of senior year has begun. honestly, it's already a pretty great year. minus the fiasco of losing my wallet (MBMJ too ): ) everything has been smooth sailing. i planned out all my college junk, and am currently attempting to write the essay. Writing a college essay is actually ridiculously hard. It's supposed to be short and "represent" you, but I still feel like I haven't done anything note worthy in my life. I'm supposed to want to be a writer shouldn't this come easy?! Oh well. So I decided to dedicate this entry to two things:art and movies. why may you ask?!?

Well first of all, i take AP art history and that's all we learn about! Despite my little knowledge of art i wanted show my favorite works of art. and second this weekend i watched annie hall and absolutely loved it. it was funny and witty and seemed kind of timeless, considering my mom and i were laughing at the same jokes. And plus i take American Film and Culture so i have to watch movies and write reports every week.

so my favorite art!

guernica by picasso.

birth of venus by botticelli

obvi some warhol. my friend actually got me this book "all tomorrow's parties" which has a bunch of pictures from the factory, it's awesome. plus i love the velvet underground prompting the use of this picture.

marcel dzama. really i could pick anything since i discovered him over the summer and fell in love with his art. it's all kind of surreal and creepy but really awesome. hopefully i'll get to see some of his work irl.

so far that's it for art. once i become an ap art historian i'll be able to write long, articulate statements about every piece (sike!).

now on to movies!

annie hall:

on a side note, diane keaton has great style in this movie. she has the androgynous look down pat.

almost famous:

favorite movie ever. hands down.

the royal tenenbaums:

margot tenenbaum! sigh. the lacoste polo dresses, fur coats, eye liner, and barrettes. i want to be her for halloween, or forever. and the scene where richie tries to kill himself? with needle in the hay? perfect. (on a side note, either/or is one of my fav. albums and the biggest lie is my best friend and i's sad song)

the wackness:

i just saw this this summer and thought it was great (although my friend did not). it wasn't typical but it had a nice aesthetic and the 90's rap in it was great.

unfortunately that's all for now, sat class calls. and GOSSIP GIRL TONIGHT! chuck bass. yes.
hopefully soon i'll make a post about my fashionz since i'm still working on it. plus i'm coping with some serious break up business so i'm pretty much an unmotivated piece of shit haha.



i'm a modern girl but i fold in half so easily

So this is my first post! exciting stuff.
Except the fact that no one i know knows about this or will know! I prefer writing to an audience of strangers as opposed to people I know, maybe I'm just weird.
Basically this is where I can write about fashion, music, TV, life, ANYTHING! How inviting and exciting.

Today was the first day of my senior year and I can already tell it'll be the best year of my high school career. It's like being rewarded for three painstaking years. And after SATs and college applications I'm basically a free woman! And there's already a lot to look forward to. In October I'm seeing JENNY LEWIS which I'm so excited about. I saw Rilo Kiley in June and almost died. Just admire:

for srs, she's amazing.

ANYWAY. I have a huge dilemma where NONE OF MY FRIENDS WATCH ANY DECENT SHOWS ON TV! Do you know how hard it is not being able to talk about gossip girl, or project runway, or weeds, or anything?? Speaking of, this season is bound to be amazing for one reason: CHUCK BASS! I'm glad he progressed from a date rapist creep to a decent, hot human being! And you can't get that much better than Blair's outfits. So lately i've just been watching a shitload of tv, reading other people's blogs (creeper?), eating way too many orange tic tacs, and enjoying working at the library. Yes. I work at a library.

So that's all for now, hopefully more tomorrow! I need to be on a decent sleep schedule thanks to school.