really awesome radio show

so, this may not be a big deal to the rest of the world but, I GOT MY OWN RADIO SHOW AT SCHOOL.
this all began on thursday when i trekked it over to south campus with my friend vicki to check out the WMUC open house. upon arriving to the small studio, I felt slightly intimidated but upon meeting a few people i realized that everyone there was friendly (with excellent music taste). I had to apply and interview first, but the interview consisted of questions about my favorite member of wu-tang and least favorite band. I fell in love with the studio and had been anxiously waiting to hear back to see if i got a show. today i found out that from 6-8 am on tuesday mornings i'll be working on the FM station (also streamed online!), which is really crazy since I'll be on an actually FM station in maryland. It's amazing that I have my own show but more importantly, these are the people i'd been looking for at maryland- crazy, obsessed with music, and interesting. i essentially did nothing else today but hang out with my friends on my floor and get food. but i couldn't be happier.

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