inspiration pt 2

that is it for this week, my cramps are killing me and my whole school is infected by...THE SWINE.
anyway, college is getting increasingly better, and i'm especially enjoying my history of popular music class. we get to spend the class learning about musicians starting during the 1940s, and how technology has progressed since then as far as recording and instruments go. this past week we learned about Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, and other blues artists of the 40s and 50s. I had never really been one for blues but it was clear where rock and roll got its influence, so i actually thoroughly enjoyed the music. i have it tomorrow so i hopefully i have things to add to this blog about it. also, i recently went to my school's newspaper meeting. while i was originally excited to get a jump start on my journalism career, i found the meeting kind of...bland. i guess i'm not cut out for writing about the new bus line or the first look fair, none of that just seems to interest me. i think i'll still do diversions (the arts section), since i applied for a fashion column, which i most likely won't get but it was fun trying. i gave an overview of other fashion publications besides vogue and elle, focusing on interview, nylon, pop, and dazed and confused (i could do more but it had to be short). while researching them, it made me realize THAT is what i want to do most- express my own creativity on my own terms. so tentatively, a close friend here and I are starting our own magazine, writing about what we want. This may be a ridiculous idea that never comes to fruition but i'm tired of having ideas and never acting on them, i'm growing up now and it's time to DO something. anyway, time to study more grammar...

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