i drove around for months and years and never went no place

i feel so weird lately. right now is one of the most crucial times of my life (applying to college) and i really can't get my act together. i have never been this unmotivated and i am known for my procrastinating but this is really fucking ridiculous. i just feel so blank. i'm not exactly sad but i'm not happy. i just go through the motions everyday and look forward to sleeping in my bed. that is really all i do, sleep and read twilight (okay a little funny i'm addicted! since i don't have a boyfriend any longer i need to live vicariously through another relationship). i know this is a transition period, that i'll get out of it eventually. i just wish it was now! everyone is coming home for thanksgiving soon. in less than a year i'll be settled into college. all this college stuff seems so worthless now, a tedious process that has nothing to show for until april. i don't even know where i want to go. ugh LIFE! too much for me right now.

anyway, i really wish i could dress like her every day.

instead i wear oversized modest mouse shirts that my ex boyfriend found at a golf course, bright blue AA cardigans, ripped leggings, and destroyed uggs to school. clearly, i am a class act.

i wish i was voting tomorrow.

et (for gossip girl's sake)

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