your best friend sticking up for you even when you know you're wrong

we might have left home and started college and new lives...but we'll always be a couple of freaks destroying facebook about kyle xy.
today, on the metro ride home, drops of jupiter was the first song that came on shuffle and i started tearing up because I can be away from home and still get the warm feeling of having people so important and meaningful in your life that you feel lucky to be alive.
this is a really fucking lame post but i get to see the first person since i've been at school that knows me inside and out on friday. i may have seen the boyfriend and the parents so far but this is someone who has always been there since the time I was crying everyday about how nervous I was for my bat mitzvah....it's a little different.
i really just want to roll around and scream because i everyday i feel more comfortable here and everyday i get more in touch with the dreamer, writer, thinker i was before i left home.
i'm just really fucking happy.

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