even though i promised to post...

so, this past week i was consumed with thoughts of orientation and actual orientation. for awhile i had been doubting my choice of the university of maryland, remembering my initial dislike of big schools (especially ones fervently obsessed with sports), only thinking of bros and frat parties and beer pong. i spent the whole week before getting stomaches at the thought of college, and riding an emotional rollercoaster. although initially, i did have a bout of "why am i here?", i realized by 1:30 today that i had made the right decision. while not everyone i  met was exactly like me, i met people who genuinely seemed interesting, and i reminded myself i was with only 200 of my future thousands of classmates. the campus is perfectly picturesque, and i imagined sunny days on the grass and admiring the beauty when winter first comes. i'm excited to immerse myself in such a diverse and vibrant community, especially one where i can truly pursue my future, plus i'll get to visit dc all the time. it was odd leaving, getting so used to the idea of actually living at this place. the idea of home is always extremely intriguing to me, how interchangeable it is but something that has so much weight and importance put on it. regardless, i am for the first time ready to start my next four years in college park. 

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