baby bump that track!

i've already expressed my love for lady gaga on my blog so..

I TRIED MY BEST! thank you, forever 21. as i get older i hope to progressively get more ridiculous/adventurous with my style, so i'm taking the first steps (they are remarkable small but i'm trying). i don't mean that i'll be dressing like lady gaga everyday, but i'd love to step outside the box and learn how to mix things from forever 21, urban outfitters, american apparel, thrift stores, and the occasional things from saks, which are all somewhat conventional clothing outlets (minus vintage clothing) and make them my own. 

but i just shelved books all night and feel extremely sick due to swallowing an obscene amount of mucus (so cute!) so i'll leave you with this. 

LOOK AT THE JEWELED UNDERWEAR! i caught you gaga. that is so carrie.

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